A celebration of Original Characters,
All throughout the month of July!

2024's Month of OCs begins on:

    What is
    Month of OCs?

    During July, the entire month is dedicated to Original Characters. Run by CentaurWorks, the month is filled with art, streams, and content centered around the celebration of OCs.

    Where is it held?

    This is done across the internet. Sites like deviantArt, Twitch, Newgrounds, etc.
    Specifically with certain tags related to each year.

    Who can participate?

    Everyone can participate. It doesn't matter what your skill level in art, writing or anything creative is; all that matters is the showcasing of your own characters to the world!

    Special Events Schedule

    Come Back later, the schedule for events is currently in the works.

    *Events can be changed/altered at any time

    Art Contest

    Total Prize Pot: $200

      This Month of OCs will be hosting an Art Contest. A way to showcase everyone's characters having adventures and exploring the world.Starts: June 25th, 2023 - 12:00:00amET
      Ends: August 6th, 2023 - 11:59:59pmET

      • Rule #1: Each submission must have one or more original characters in the image

      • Using your own OCs within the picture is highly encouraged, give them some time in the spotlight! If you do use other people's characters, please ask for permission before use.

      • Keep it in theme with this year's theme. (Adventuring, Medieval, D&D-esk)

      • Official Characters (Goku, Naruto, Batman, etc.) are not allowed!

      • Rule #2: entries must be submitted before August 8th, 2022 at 11:59pmET

      • Max number of entries per artist is 3

      • Rule #3: NSFW content is not allowed; (no genitalia or actual sex acts), no gore, no fetish art.

      • Physical Injuries are allowed if you want to depict fights or action scenes, don't go overboard on the blood.

      • Rule #4: Self-Made Visual media only.

      • As much as I like written work, it would be too difficult to properly judge alone.

      • AI-Generated Art Pieces will not count and be blacklisted.

      Hashtags used:#MonthOfOCs2023Contest

      Knights & Companions:
      Art Contest

      First Place: $100


      Second Place: $67


      Third Place: $33


      Total Prize Pot: $200

      This Month of OCs had an Art Contest. A way to showcase everyone's characters having adventures and exploring the world.Started: June 25th, 2023 - 12:00:00amET
      Ended: August 6th, 2023 - 11:59:59pmET

      Beach Episode: Art Contest

      First Place: $100


      Second Place: $67


      Third Place: $33


      Total Prize Pot: $200

        This Month of OCs will be hosting an Art Contest. A play and way to showcase everyone's characters having fun in the sun and swimming in the crystal clear ocean waters! Swimwear of all kinds is welcomed!Starts: June 26th, 2022 - 12:00:00amET
        Ended: August 8th, 2022 - 11:59:59pmET

        Past Months

        Knights & Companions
        (July 2023)

        The theme was a last minute change as the original theme was too ambitious to do and loseThis month's theme is based on characters' adventures and journeys in fantasy worlds. From the Knights in shining armor defending the kingdom, to the brave characters exploring the dungeons, this month is dedicated to them!

        Beach Episode
        (July 2022)

        Original Characters deserve to be a part of the fun so why not have them join the beach!This month's theme is based on the Anime trope where characters are taken to a summer-themed area and outfitted with swimwear and interesting camera angles.

        Next Chapter
        (July 2021)

        Even characters have to move forward
        This month was a focus on character going on important milestones of their lives.
        This time around, Raffles were done on all social medias for a free piece of artwork.

        Grand Competition
        (July 2020)

        A celebration of Competition
        This was to go along with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as a celebration of characters competing in friendly sporting events.
        This went along with an Art Jam people were allowed to join in on.

        Road to 365
        (July 2019)

        The first Month of OCs!
        It was a celebration of releasing 365 original characters on TheGamingCentaur's end. Tho, this spawned into the monthly event you see now.
        This was also the first time the Art Contest was implimented.

        If you are seeing this page, that means the current theme is still under construction.The site and the showing off of the theme are important and must be handled with care. Please return when we are ready to show off the next theme.